Starting out


The training periods are divided into

The winter period:
December - January

The spring period:
January - May

The summer period:
June - August

The autumn period:
August - December

The basic training period for adults and juniors begins in the middle of January in the spring, and during August in the autumn. There are general classes every day for adults, and two or three times a week for juniors. Nozomi also organizes different events for training Aikido; usually seminars over a weekend.

Beginning your aikido training in 2016

You do not need any previous experience in martial arts in order to start practising aikido.

Start any Tuesday or Thursday, autumn period starts 16.8.2016.


There are classes for beginners on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM. Arrive at your first class at 18:45 so there's time to fill you in. If you have something to ask use this form.

The period for basic training consists of 20 to 30 training days. You can train according to your own schedule, even when that only means once a week. You can even lengthen your period of basic training if you do not feel ready for attending general classes. Many older students visit beginners classes hoping to improve their basic techniques.

The goal of the basic training period is to learn the basics of aikido. The classes also include exercises aimed at improving balance, movability, and concentration. These exercises help in achieving better control over the mind and the body. Other subjects for the classes are movement, learning to fall safely, the basic techniques, and other exercises that support these, and also the basic exercises with the wooden sword (bokken), and the wooden stick (jo).

The basic training period ends in a graduation for 6th kyu. After this, you can start attending general classes. The graduation is not compulsory, but it will give you confidence in your own skills. Graduations also set nice goals on your road. The kyu graduations, that is those below black belt, are included in the practise fee.

The classes consist of learning how to behave at the dojo, warming up, flexing, exercises for breathing and centering, falling exercises, and learning the techniques as well as learning how to handle the jo and the bokken.

The teachers responsible for the basic training are Timo Kiviharju 6th dan shidoin and Kaisa Selamo 3rd dan shidoin.

Class hours for basic practice:

Tuesdays 19:00–20:30
Thursdays 19:00–20:30

You can also participate for general classes on:

Mondays 19:00 - 20:30 (you have to have an aikidogi)
Fridays 17:00–18:00