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Aikido – the art of peace – is an energetic martial art, well suited for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The basic principles of aikido are defensive, meaning that all attacks are to be blocked without permanently injuring the attacker. Aikido is a versatile martial art, with a variety of different joint locks and throws, which are part of the training repertoire from the very beginning. Weapons training is also a part of aikido. The weapons used are ken (sword), jo (staff) and tanto (knife).

The dojo (training place) of Nozomi is situated at the Nääshalli of Tampere, near the city centre. Practice is held every day from Monday to Sunday, usually in 90-minute sessions. If you're interested in aikido in general or want to see it in action, you are more than welcome to come to the dojo and ask questions or watch our training sessions. You can also call or write to us (see contact information below). If you've already got an aikido background, please feel free to come to the dojo and join our training sessions anytime.

The best way to experience the essence of aikido is to try it! We hope to see you at our dojo!

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