Your first Aikido class

You will need an outfit for training, some sandals, and whatever you need for washing.

A tracksuit or such is sufficient as a training outfit in the beginning. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and will make it difficult for you to move. The outfit should not be one with zippers, hard snaps, or such. A white gi (an aikido outfit) can be bought later; there will be a joint subscription for gis if necessary.

The dressing rooms are located down the hall from the entrance. You can either take the first turn left or continue straight down the hall. See the map for more details ("nph"= dressing room for women, "mph" = dressing room for men).

Avoid wearing anything that can scrape or wound your practice partner, or be ripped off during practice. Take off all jewelry, watches, piercings, wristbands, rings and so on, or cover them (the piercings).

In addition to this, cut your toenails, and your fingernails, and keep them short.

Tie your hair up if needed, but avoid using hairpins or hairclips.

Remove your make-up.

The mat, the tatami, is kept clean. This is why you should wash your feet in the dressing room, and wear your sandals when walking to the dojo, so that your feet will not get dirty in the hallway.

Aikido is a traditional martial art. The dojo etiquette includes bowing towards the shomen when entering through the door (while standing), and bowing towards the shomen again when stepping on the mat (on your knees). This ritual will be repeated in reverse when leaving the dojo.