The Fees

..for practicing Aikido at Nozomi:

Practice fee for six months: for adults €150, for juniors €75

Both juniors and adults need to have an Aikido licence, and a valid insurance that covers any accidents occurring during aikido practice.

The basic training period (20 to 30 classes)

The basic training period for adults lasts for about three months, or 20 to 30 training days, depending on your own pace. You can train three days a week. After this period you can start attending general classes, in addition to the basic training classes for beginners if you like, and train until the next spring/autumn before you need to pay another practicing fee.

The practicing fee inludes the kyu graduations, and as a member you will have access to the services and supplies provided by Nozomi, eg., books, DVDs, and weapons.

Adults need to purchase an aikido passport for their first graduation. The passport is an official document of the Finnish Aikido Federation, and it includes your graduation and training camp information. It costs €10.

Other purchases

When you start attending general classes, you need to have a gi. If you already have a similar outfit for karate or judo, for example, you can wear that outfit. A new gi costs €79.

Insurance / License

The Aikido license by the Finnish Aikido Federation covers all eventual accidents occurring during aikido practice, while all home or accident insurances do not. The license is obligatory for all aikido trainers.


There is no separate fee for visitors.